Announcing two new tMP Moderators...


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Hi All,

Given the rapid growth of tMP during these last few months: the brilliant ever-increasing membership, the massive number of www hits (90,000+ per week) and the enormous amount of daily postings, our current Mods are working flat out ensuring tMP remains a friendly and bouyant place for everyone to visit.

To make life easier for them, and to spread the enormous voluntary workload, it is obvious we need a further two Moderators to cope with the demand.

I am delighted to announce that PeterBale and Dyl have agreed to join the team and become Moderators for us here on tMP. Peter and Dyl join the existing Mod team (Roger, Sparkly, Keppler and Fishsta) as of today. Feel free to contact Peter, Dyl, myself or any of the Mod team if you have any questions or issues etc. you want answering.

The tMP Mods are here to ensure fair play, to ensure sensible debate abounds, and to help us all - and so far I'm sure you'll all agree that they have done a fantastic job making sure this is just the case. Can you all join me in welcoming Peter and Dyl to the excellent team we have. :tup


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