Andy Snell In Auckland

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We'd like to offer our congratulations to Andrew Snell- ex Grimethorpe. After one year in New Zealand, Andy has taken his Kiwi band (Waitakere City Trusts Brass) across to Australia and won their national title. Just to cap off a good weekend, he is also now the national Bass Trom Champion. Congrats to Andy and all those at Waitakere City Trusts Brass and good luck for the Kiwi nationals coming up in Rotorua, on the North Island in July.


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Hi both....

Glad to read your news. Do let us know the results of any competitions 'down under' eh!!!

And do you ever come across Wales's own Nigel Weeks...? I know him from old... :) Say Hi if you do yeah... He was over here in the UK recently doign a tour with a NZ band... went very well so I hear


Steven & Stacey

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Thanks for your interest. You may also wish to know that on 8th May, Waitakere have a concert with Richard Marshall, a "Premier Concert" - obviously not for Richard Marshall, but for the music we're to play. Also the N.Z. national titles are to be held July 9th to 12th and it will be interesting to see Andy Snell come up against Nigel Weeks for the first time this year. So far, Nigel is two up in the contest stakes. But Waitakere is sounding really good at the moment, so we'll see what happens. Whilst I know who Nigel is, I don't know him to speak to . . . sorry. But I shall keep it in mind.

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