... and if you thought the Matrix was good!


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Am I the only person who thought the Matrix was a pile of *%^$.
Super intelligent, highly advanced aliens using people as batteries. Why didn't the just build a nuclear reactor --- or even easier just pop to the corner shop for some duracells? :?


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I thought the first film was pretty good - neat idea and great sfx. IMO Reloaded was a pile of *%^$ though!!!


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I like the first film- was a new idea and everyone went mad over it.
Didn't mind the 2nd but was a bit disappointed.
As for the 3rd I think it was better than the 2nd but not brill, also disappointed with it.
I just think they were trying too hard with the last two films, and there was too much hype, meaning we all were just disappointed. :?

I'll still buy the last 2 though.

Jo Elson

I've only seen the first one, which I thought was good. Although I was told that I probably wouldn't understand it and even more so because I am female. So this was the main thing in my head whilst watching it. An to my delight I understood it perfectly well!

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