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Active Member are a dirty boy for even thinking about the devil piece..ugh..even now I am reaching thinking about the " Chicken Reel "
SHAME ON YOU...... :roll: :shock:


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Many apologies. My last post was not intended to offend in any way whatsoever....

I'm suprised the bleeper didn't pick it up actually....


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Killamarsh are also doing an American Themed concert on Saturday 3 July.

A few thoughts in music we might use

Simple Gifts - Goff Richards (Based on Shaker Hymn)
Elvis Rocks - Goff Richards
Great Western Themes - Darrol Barry
Scooby Do - Andy Duncan
Take Five - Steve Sykes
Caravan - Steve Sykes
Glen Miller Special

Brian Bowen

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Billy said:
Sorry Major Steve but Amazing Grace is English!

No! The text is by an Englishman, John Newton, but the tune is American (sometimes credited to Virginia Harmony, 1831 or Walker's Southern Harmony).

Americans love it to death!


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nickjbeaumarisband said:
Billy said:
Majoresteve said:
battle hymn of the republic
amazing grace

Sorry Major Steve but Amazing Grace is English!

erm I think u will find it is scottish

Hi Nick,
the author of Amazing Grace was born in London - the origin of the music will probably be always disputed but the Guy who established the tune across the World with his remarkable word setting was English.
Is Amazing Grace the World's most popular hymn? What do others think?

Brian Bowen

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nickjbeaumarisband said:
thanks Mr. Bale that is a pint I owe u...well we will never know the origin of it..nice tune tho..
It's my guess Mr Bale would prefer it to be a pint of petrol. :wink:


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Couldn't think before because my brain was frazzled from work :roll: The US has produced some great song composers in the past so how about:

Someone To Watch Over Me
Strike Up The Band
Let's Face The Music And Dance
Anything Goes
Any of the Solo's from "Frankly Speaking"
Any Sousa march (way too many to list!)

...hope this helps....