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Hello! I think I might actually be alone on here as a brass Bander in America! I hope I can teach all of you here as much as possible about the American brass band scene and learn as much as possible about the British scene.

I play the baritone in the Triangle Youth Brass Band in North Carolina, which is to my knowledge the second largest youth brass band program in America. In America, brass banding is not nearly as popular but the makeup of the band is just the same-- standard British brass band instrumentation. The strange thing is that, here, the instruments used in brass band are different from what we would normally play. In America, before joining a brass band, cornet players are all used to playing trumpet, tenorn players are used to playing French horn, and baritone players are used to playing euphonium. So for us in America, brass band is a very unique activity to get to take part in.

The activity isn't large enough to have a full year competition season, so for most of the year we perform at local concerts. We then travel 15 hours to Indiana once a year to compete in NABBA, the North American Brass Band Association championships. This is the only competition we do, but it brings incredible bands from vast distances in North America to compete.

Personally, this is actually my first year in the brass band. Membership in the band is extremely competitive, so I didn't get in last year. I play the 2nd baritone part in the band now. I actually play in my school's wind band as a trumpet player, but I have learned to play baritone for my school's marching band. I've played trumpet for 5 years now and baritone for 1.

Hope to have some good discussion!



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Hi Boxfive. Welcome to the You are probably not the only member in America, I'm sure there must be others as the Brass Band seems to be getting more popular over there. Also, welcome to the Baritone community of which I am a part-time member as I now play Eb Bass Tuba but occasionally still play Baritone.

Travelling 15 hours to play in a competition is mind blowing to us as most of us don't have to worry about such distances. I can only wish you all the best in your future banding and hope you get as much enjoyment out of this great hobby of ours as I have done. Best wishes.


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Welcome to our world, Patrick! There are a number of American banders on here, who I'm sure you will get to meet at some point.
Indeed, I am. I have been to the last two NABBA contests in Ft. Wayne, but the travel time is less than half the time. I was playing with the River Brass Band of Evansville In. and played euphonium.


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Then there is me too. I, like Mr. Reynolds above, have many friends in the The River Brass Band and consider about half the band good friends. From owning a worldwide online brass band radio station, I know that lots of banders are on this board from around the world. They poke their heads up every so often or like me because I paid for a sponsorship, post quite often (maybe TOO often;)).

Jump in and join the fun.

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