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Intrument: Cornet/Kit/Tuned perc.

Conductor/Compere: Yes both!

Location/Region: Yorkshire

Grade: Cornet 8, Kit 7/8, Tuned 5/6 maybe more!,

Name: GarryHallas

Contact Details: 0113 2777641, 07732 396776,

Instrument(s) played: See Above!

Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Cornet-3/4 front row, will play back row for anyone anytime, Kit-Champ, Tuned-upto 2/1

How much notice do you require: As much as possible but if I'm free a day will do!

Name of your present Band: Emley Brass Band/Wetherby

Position played within present Band: Conductor/Kit

What section is your present Band in: Emley 3. Wetherby 3/2(2004)

Would you require transport: Nope

Do you require expenses: Something toward the petrol is always nice! Deoends on the job too

Any additional comments/Information: Don't have own drum kit, I love to play, so if you need a bass drummer for a march or a 3rd cornet for a park job just ask!!

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