All Brass Band Radio Top 20 for Oct 2016


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Here is the top 20 as voted on by the listeners. Again this month there was a record number of votes.

1. Pikes Peak Brass Band - Seize The Day
2. Black Dyke Mills Band - Wild West! (Best Of Ennio Morricone)
3. Mossley Band - The Children Of Sanchez
4. Household Troops Band Of The Salvation Army - Crown of Conquest
5. Amsterdam Staff Band - Donegal Bay (Baritone Soloist: Jorijn Van Hese)
6. Desford Colliery Caterpillar Band - Procession Of The Nobles
7. Hamilton Temple - Glasnost
8. Hendon Salvation Army Band - Temple 85
9. Chicago Staff Band - Joyous Song
10. Fodens Courtois Band - Exploding Brass!

11. Black Dyke Band - Gruss an Thüringen
12. Glenn Van Looy with Manger Musikklag - Once Upon a Time
13. NSK-RHP Ransom Band - John Williams The Movies
14. Dalewool Auckland Brass - Pirates of the Caribbean
15. Fodens Band - You'll Never Walk Alone
16. Oberaargauer Brass Band - Gettysburg (Reunion And Finale)
17. Brass Band Of Battle Creek - Lohengrin
18. Enfield Citadel Band - I Will Follow Him
19. International Staff Band - The Proclaimers
20. Tongwynlais Temperance Silver Band - Castell Coch

The bookends are very interesting. Pikes Peak Brass Band won NABBA's first division in 2016 and it's recording of Seize the Day is the top track in October. The 20th track (still amazing considering there are 720+ tracks) is Tongwnlais Temperance Silver Band with their recording of Castell Coch. This is interesting because they rehearse, as one person put it to me, "In the Shadow of Castell Coch".

Some news regarding the station. First, the apps are not quite working correctly. They are not picking up the new Shoutcast stream. It should soon be fixed. Voting on tracks showed a very significant increase -- this is partially due to a large increase in listenership. Before changing servers I counted the number of listeners in the hundreds. Now I average right around 4000 listeners a day. The new server allows 192 Kbps streaming with no lag or reduction.

The station is now also an Official iTunes Radio Station (see -- my front page shows how to get to the iTunes stream. Also, Grace Radio and InTune Radio carries the stream. So the count of 4000 listeners a day could be short as iTunes and the others relay the station and a not always carried forward into the statistics.

Starting no later than December, All Brass Radio will carry Chris Helme's "Sunday Bandstand". The show will probably be broadcast on Sunday and repeated on another day of the week for the listeners' to catch this show filled with music and very knowledgeable programming regarding bands and players of both the present and the past.

Some other special programming should be happening soon. I hope to have some special programming for the upcoming Advent and the Christmas season.

Lastly, if you would like your band to be played on the station, a simple donation of a CD would be a big help. My mailing address is on the station's front page. Any donated CDs I give room for advertisement on my website of the CD, and a note about the band. A very small price to pay for lots of exposure.