All Brass Band Radio Improvement


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That is how I feel at the moment. For the last several weeks, in nearly all my spare time, I have been putting cover art up for each track played. My hosting company made this option possible just before Christmas. I have 705 tracks playing, and most albums have one or two tracks each. Occasionally I have four to five tracks from a single CD.

The process seems simple, but it was much more work than I thought. First I had to copy the cover art (from my collection in iTunes). But that was too small to work. I had to put it into a graphics program and make it a 600px x 600px jpg file. Then I had to open the editor on the track and import the cover. Rinse, lather and repeat 700 times.

But the results are cool. On the custom built player on the front page, you can see the album cover, the player lists the band, and the track and any identified soloist. Here is a screen shot.