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We,as a band,have purchased the march Around The World,and it would be good to hear what it should sound like before we start to rehearse it.Is there a recording or better still a computer link to get it,and if you have played it any tips i can pass on will be gratefully taken on board.

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Played it a bit under Gareth Pritchard (The publisher - Jagrins). Seem to remember he took it at quite a lively tempo. If you PM or email "Pierre", he's bumper up with EYMS and I'm sure he'll give you a few hints. Don't know of a recording tho'.



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think it may be on one of the early besses recordings..
and we did it at spennymoor a few years ago.. do they record that?


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My dad says, yes, he has done this with EYMS and we published it. The tempo of Crotchet = 132 c. was taken from Owen's original handwritten sketches. Obviously the tempo also needs to reflect the band's ability tho'! Aidan is also right. Roy Newsome, I think, recorded it with Besses, and my dad conducted it with Besses at BIC. I think it was 2001, when they won the prize for the best march, and the BBC will have recorded that. There are some people that we know who have very old recordings of Besses, so we will talk to them. Also we will be getting all our music ('including Around the World') recorded for a sample CD that will be released with our new catalogue sometime in the next couple of months.

Hope this helps a little. If you want anymore information, go to and send us an email. We will only be too happy to help.

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