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Its 13 years since i fell out with Yorkshire Brass Bands, so it is rather strange that I have somehow ended up conducting a C Grade band in Australia, probably only temporarily. I don't really know what I'm doing so I wondered if I could have some advice on a couple of matters.

We might be going to an own choice comp in a few months and I'm looking for a test piece. About 2nd/ 3rd section standard....our top cornets and euphs are relatively strong, horns and troms relatively weak. Any suggestions?

I want to crystalise the band sound, which is very big for a C grade band. I am thinking about changing our formation from the standard open sided square with 2 rows on each side to have three rows facing the conductor (i.e. horns, euphs/baris, basses). Does anybody have an opinion as to what is the best formation?


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Another aussie!!!

Ron Prussing (Waratah) and Dennis Ilott (Cap Silver, Qld) have experimented with the "semicircle" idea, where each part of the block flows into each other in a semicircle, only difference being the trombones join the bass line....

so Using this Box demo as a guide for colours....

You change the vertices into curves, and move the bones back, horns forward.

As for pieces, Try something by Philip Sparke.....a bit of everything! Personal favourites are Celtic Suite and Music for a Festival.


Nothing worse than sitting in the audience, and having harsh trombone sounds striaght in your face. Don't face them towards the audience, point them away!

I think Sutherland also sits in a semi circle shape.
All a gimmick I say, a band with a big sound will always have a big sound.

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