advice needed...again!

I'm still looking for a gig bag for my trombone - I'd like to know if anyone has got (or knows someone who has) a Ritter bag, I've seen them on ebay and they look pretty good but you can't tell how padded and protective they are from a photo - any ideas? Or any opinions on how they compare with the Gig Bags ones?
Any advice would be much appreciated :)



Im using a 'protec'case at the moment... technically not a gig bag. Its a hard case but could also be described as a gig bag. Great bag/case. Look them up! Mick Rath uses them for his trombones.
I have a ritter gigbag for my trumpet and it's great! The padding is really thick and the bell protection is very strong and stable. The lining is also velvety! lush!!
The straps are great and it has a couple of handles too.
It has quite a few seperate pockets n stuff and one has lil pockets to put mouthpiece in.
The only problem is that i can't fit any mutes in it! The pockets just don't seem to be made for mutes! When i use it i usually have another bag with me anyway but if you didn't this could be a problem. I'm not sure if this is the case with the trombone bag though.
It is however very streamline and this is why i wanted it (for when i'm trying to carry flugel as well :roll: ) and so i guess for that you have to sacrifice mute space.
But the actual quality of the bags are fantastic! The fabric stuff is very strong and there's not chance of ripping it etc.
Hope this helps.
Oh, it looks very cool as well! :wink:

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