Adjudicators preferences


We all know that different adjudicators look for different things in performances. Some like the tempi to be exactly to the metronome markings, some will mark down intonation etc. etc. Is there any benefit in us collecting together a database on 'who looks for what'? tmp members must hear and see loads of remarks from competitions and ,you never know, it might help if we knew what an individual adjudicators priorities are.
I think this is a good idea however I see several issues with it:
- because an adjudicator writes 'intonation' (or anything else) on his comments does not mean he is looking for good intonation specifically.
- i have noticed that many adjudicators tell you what they were looking for when they annouce the results. We would need to be very studious and make notes of these.
- as indicated above comments rarely tell you what the adjudicators actually wanted.
- We have an archive of all our adjudications back to 1997. We have had the same adjudicator make different comments each time they mark us - maybe they look for something different each time?
- lots of adjudicators simply don't tell you!

On the face of it a good idea - I'm not sure how we would put it together though???

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