Adjudicators / Entries for Old Silkstone's 6th annual March and Hymn Contest

Thirteen Ball

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DEPs still appear to play major principal parts in these contests.
Bands question yourselves - is your success down to having a regular band or do you always need ringers to be able to win these competitions ?

Oh here we go again.....

I refer your attention here.

Bands have to borrow, especially at this time of year, to turn out anything like a band at this contest. Would you rather only three bands turned up and the contest was over by half past four?

Plus, as I understand the word 'Ringers' are top-class players parachuted in on key positions in order to win, right?

All our borrows - for which we remain very grateful - on the day came from either the same section (Skelmanthorpe) or a lower section. (Frickley south Elmsall and Elland) so can hardly be called ringers.

And where our players turned out for other bands to return the favour - or even just because they were short a player as I did for Ireland Colliery Chesterfield, we took our places BELOW the regulars for each band.

If nobody helped each other out at these things, half the march contests in the country would fold as nobody could turn out a full band. And frankly, I'd rather that didn't happen.

This argument has flared up after every march contest, and has been proven, time and again, to be largely irrellevant. No band who competed contradicted the rules on borrows, because there aren't any - so live with it.

If you feel that strongly, don't show up next year. I'll still be there, and I'll still be willing to help out anyone who's a man short.


Well done skelmanthorpe and especially JR. I beleive the last march contest trophy he may have lifted was newton grange with us a few years ago!


correct Andi!
"Brass in the Park" I think you mean.
Many thanks to everyone from Skelmanthorpe - I thought we played pretty well given this was our one and only 2007 excursion into the March contest field. Nice to see some of my old mates from Co-op (bit like France...) before I had to rush off - and thanks to Old Silkstone for what seemed a really smoothly run event.




Positions for deportment as adjudicated by Trevor Jessop are;-

1st Camping and Caravanning Club 97
2nd Holme Silver 94
3rd Yorkshire Co-op 93
4th Chapeltown 92
=5th Innovate Skelmanthorpe B Band 91
=5th Frickley South Elamsall 91
=7th Rockingham Band 90
=7th Horbury Victoria 90
=9th Stocksbridge 89
=9thThurlstone 89
=11th Shirland Youth 88
=11th Innovate Skelmanthorpe Band 88
=11th Elland Silver 88
=14th Old Silkstone B Band 87
=14th Hade Edge 87
16th Dodworth Colliery M W Band 86
17th Ireland Colliery Chesterfield 83

:clap: :clap: :clap:


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