Adjudicators / Entries for Old Silkstone's 6th annual March and Hymn Contest


Full results for this years contest

Red LIon Alan Exley
1st Innovate Skelmanthorpe
2nd Stocksbridge
3rd Yorkshire Co-op

Best Hymn Stocksbridge
Best Bass Section Skelmanthorpe
Best Solo Cornet Stocksbridge
Best Euph Yorkshire Co-op

Deportment Prize Camping and Caravanning Club

Silkstone Lodge Geoff Whitham
1st Innovate Skelmanthorpe
2nd Stocksbridge
3rd Holme Silver

Best Hymn Innovate Skelmanthorpe
Best Bass Section Innovate Skelmanthorpe
Best Solo Cornet Holme Silver
Best Euph Innovate Skelmanthorpe

Best 2nd Section Band Frickley/South Elmsall
Best 3rd Section Band Elland Silver
Best 4th Section Band Innovate Skelmanthorpe B Band
Best Youth/Non Contesting Band Shirland Youth
Overall Winners Innovate Skelmanthorpe Band

1st Innovate Skelmanthorpe The President, St Francis 94/89/95/95 373
2nd Stocksbridge Honest Toil, Colne 92/92/93/91 368
3rd Yorkshire Co-op, Knight Templer, There is a green hill 90/90/90/89 359
4th Holme Silver, Knight Templer, Hursley 83/88/92/90 353
5th Elland Silver, Harlequin, Whitburn 89/87/89/87 352
6th Dodworth Colliery M W, The Cossack, Deep Harmony 87/86/86/86 345
7th Frickley South Elmsall, Glemdene, Gresford 88/84/87/85 344
8th Horbury Victoria, Glemden, Calan Lan 86/83/84/86 339
9th Hade Edge, Honest Toil, Whitburn 85/87/85/80 337
10th Shirland Youth, The Cossack, Abide with me 84/86/83/83 336
=11th Innovate Skelmanthorpe B, The Cossack, Colne 78/82/83/83 326
=11th Thurlstone Band, Castell Coch, Hyfrydol 79/84/81/82 326
13th Rockingham, Castleway, The old 100th 80/80/84/76 320
14th Old Silkstone B Band, Kenilworth, Lloyd 78/78/82/80 318
15th Ireland Colliery, Army of the Nile, There is a green hill 79/81/82/75 317
16th Chapeltown, Mephistopheles, There is a green hill 78/79/82/75 314
17th Camping & Caravanning, Starlake, Blarnwern 77/78/82/70 307

South Yorkshire Police
Knottingley Silver
The Cottingham Band

Hope you all had a good day, ther weather was very kind to us this year wasn't it.
I would personally like to thank all the bands that entered and supporters, the concert by the Take 2 Big Band was brilliant and also members of Old Silkstone Band who made the day run smoothley.

Hope to see you all there again next year on Saturday 12th July with lots of bands and sunshine :p :p


Congratulations to all the winners, best euph again for my friend Michelle Catlow from Yorks. Co-op, well done matey! Such a shame we weren't able to go this year, too many players unavailable due to work etc.; still we competed and got excellent results at Easingwold and Morley so can't really complain. We'll be back giving it our all next year I dare say. Congratulations again to all the winners and nice to see Holme Silver out and about competing again.
What a great day for us at our first visit. Well done to Tracey and her Team for a great event with a friendly atmosphere and lots of sunshine!! It was great to see so many friends, and the cheer that went up at the Red Lion after our march was terrific.

Special "well done" to John Roberts at our first (and only) march contest this year, and also many thanks to our borrowed players at this holiday time. Well done to our B band too.

Happy days for Skelmanthorpe (or "Shat" with an "S" not a "C")



Fantastic day out.... really good to see so many folk there! - and got best second section band for 2nd time this month! Come on Frickley! (again) - although i was asked to play bass drum for another band I declined the offer for the sake of humanity (and the chances that the poor band would have ended up marching to a 5/8 rhythm by accident...) - did donate our bass drummer though who obviously enjoyed himself. Big shout to Co op - cheers for the blow - great to play again - and good result to boot!


Red Lion March Hymn

1st Innovate Skelmanthorpe 94 1st Stocksbridge 92
2nd Stocksbridge 92 2nd Yorkshire Co-op 90
3rd Yorkshire Co-op 90 3rd Innovate Skelmanthorpe 89
4th Elland Silver 89 4th Holme Silver 88
5th Frickley South Elmsall 88 5th Elland Silver 87
6th Dodworth Colliery 87 6th Hade Edge 87
7th Horbury Victoria 86 7th Dodworth Colliery 86
8th Hade Edge 85 8th Shirland Youth 86
9th Shirland Youth 84 9th Frickley South Elmsall 84
10th Holme Silver 83 10th Thurlstone Band 84
11th Rockingham 80 11th Horbury Victoria 83
12th Thurlstone Band 79 12th Innovate Skelmanthorpe B 82
13th Ireland Colliery 79 13th Ireland Colliery 81
14th Innovate Skelmanthorpe B 78 14th Rockingham 80
15th Old Silkstone B Band 78 15th Chapeltown 79
16th Chapeltown 78 16th Old Silkstone B Band 78
17th Camping & Caravanning 77 17th Camping & Caravanning 78

Silkstone Lodge March Hymn
1st Innovate Skelmanthorpe 95 1st Innovate Skelmanthorpe 95
2nd Stocksbridge 93 2nd Stocksbridge 91
3rd Holme Silver 92 3rd Holme Silver 90
4th Yorkshire Co-op 90 4th Yorkshire Co-op 89
5th Elland Silver 89 5th Elland Silver 87
6th Frickley South Elmsall 87 6th Dodworth Colliery 86
7th Dodworth Colliery 86 7th Horbury Victoria 86
8th Hade Edge 85 8th Frickley South Elmsall 85
9th Horbury Victoria 84 9th Shirland Youth 83
10th Rockingham 84 10th Innovate Skelmanthorpe B 83
11th Shirland Youth 83 11th Thurlstone Band 82
12th Innovate Skelmanthorpe B 83 12th Hade Edge 80
13th Old Silkstone B Band 82 13th Old Silkstone B Band 80
14th Ireland Colliery 82 14th Rockingham 76
15th Chapeltown 82 15th Ireland Colliery 75
16th Camping & Caravanning 82 16th Chapeltown 75
17th Thurlstone Band 81 17th Camping & Caravanning 70

1st Innovate Skelmanthorpe 373
2nd Stocksbridge 368
3rd Yorkshire Co-op 359
4th Holme Silver 353
5th Elland Silver 352
6th Dodworth Colliery 345
7th Frickley South Elmsall 344
8th Horbury Victoria 339
9th Hade Edge 337
10th Shirland Youth 336
11th Innovate Skelmanthorpe B 326
12th Thurlstone Band 326
13th Rockingham 320
14th Old Silkstone B Band 318
15th Ireland Colliery 317
16th Chapeltown 314
17th Camping & Caravanning 307

Gods knows how you space correclty. It looked fine in excel:frown:
Another success for Silkstone. Really good contest, and it managed to fall on the only day of summer this year!! Thoroughly enjoyed the day, although I was suffering this morning!!

Congratulations to Skelmonthorpe, from what I heard of you, it was a deserved result.

Thanks to David Nesbitt yet again for his constant hard work. Stocksbridge still has a couple of seats to fill, and this has turned out to be a very popular couple of weeks for holidays, so it's never going to be ideal conditions to put a band togethor at the last minute for a March contest.
It's great to know that we can still put in a decent showing regardless, and I'm delighted with the results.

Also a big thank you to all the deps who stood in to help out, we couldn't have turned up without you.

PS we still need a principle cornet if anyone fancies their hand at playing top chair for the National Finals and onwards into the Championship section next year....couldnt resist getting that one in...

Edward Knowles


Yes well done to chat.I have been a member of this band a bit before your time rob.

Many thanks. A relative newcomer to the Skelmanthorpe outfit, sadly I'm not yet up to speed with the recent, or not so recent, band's history, but as the author, L.P. Hartley said "The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there." That's not to say that I don't have a keen interest in history and the making of it. Let's hope the Silkstone contest will continue for many years to come and that the Shat band will be remembered and continue to be one of the successful bands at this venue and many others. I do think the village's nickname has a certain humorous and mysterious quality to it. Apparently its origins are quite innocent. Something to do with rock breaking at the time of railway construction - Check out the following link if you are likewise intrigued.

Best wishes

Thirteen Ball

Active Member
Well done skelmanthorpe and especially JR. I beleive the last march contest trophy he may have lifted was newton grange with us a few years ago!

Lets hope there's plenty more in the future.

As for our result, pleased with third out of a large field, with plenty of quality.

And also very good to see everyone helping everyone else out. We borrowed from a few bands on the day, and loaned out to several others, and the spirit of fair play in which all the bands conducted themselves was verry good to see.

Finally a special mention to Ireland Colliery Chesterfield band, who I also played for. Hope my ropey sightreading didn't hurt your position too much guys!

You sound twice the band since the last time I heard you. Much progress in the right direction - keep working at it!


New Member
DEPs still appear to play major principal parts in these contests.
Bands question yourselves - is your success down to having a regular band or do you always need ringers to be able to win these competitions ?


Active Member
Well done to Elland for the third section prize and the good overall result against some very tough opposition.
I wasnt able to be there unfortunately cause i was in durham but if it was as good a performance as brighouse march im sure that there will be more contesting success in the future.


DEPs still appear to play major principal parts in these contests.
Bands question yourselves - is your success down to having a regular band or do you always need ringers to be able to win these competitions ?

I must confess to having felt a little uncomfortable following my comment on the post mortem of the Brighouse march contest thread in which I think I said that borrowing two handfulls of players wasn't really in the spirit of contesting. The reason for my discomfort was the realisation that we would need to borrow a number of players for the Silkstone contest due to a number of our regular players being on holiday, recovering from illness or at work. However, in the event, I needn't have felt any sense of hypocrisy as none of our borrowed players were from bands of a higher section, none were in a soloist's position, only one player took a position for which we don't have a regular player and, infact, five of our 'ringers' were taken from Skelmanthorpe B band. So, speaking for Skelmanthorpe Band, I feel the answer to your question must be no.
DEPs still appear to play major principal parts in these contests.
Bands question yourselves - is your success down to having a regular band or do you always need ringers to be able to win these competitions ?

If bands weren't allowed deps then these type of events simply wouldnt be viable unfortunately. Its not the National Finals, its a great local contest and long may it continue.

To answer your question, our success is down to having a regular band, an excellent MD and a heck of a lot of hard work.


Paul Oldfield
Contest Secretary
Innovate Skelmanthorpe Band


New Member
DEPs still appear to play major principal parts in these contests.
Bands question yourselves - is your success down to having a regular band or do you always need ringers to be able to win these competitions ?

Is it just me or do your grapes taste sour? If you're not happy with it why don't you :-

(a) introduce your own march/hymn tune contest
(b) insist that only registered band players are allowed to play
(c) sit back and see how unsuccessful you march/hymn contest is

Bit of advice - get a life. My best mate is currently ill hospital. There's more to life than brass band contests.


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I agree, but when 5 or more (20%) borrowed players are needed to make a performance, is the Band's name worthy of that performance or should it be basically a combined effort ?
I think that most bands would agree that, despite the best efforts of saintly deps who often jump in at the last minute to help out, the band will always perform better with a regular bunch of players. However magnificent one particular dep may be, the sudden change in style, or lack of 'being used to each other' will always cause problems. In addition to never having a rehearsal with the actual band that's going to perform on the day.

Looking around the bands at silkstone, it was very clear that 'ringers' were far from any band's mind. If a band HAS to get a dep, then obviously it will try to get the best available. (Is anyone stupid enough to try to get the worst?....)

Unless you're suggesting that some of the bands replaced it's regular players on the day with better ones? Or maybe conveniently pushed them down the stairs? I think that's a little too Footballers wives.

All I could see were lots of bands trying the best they could during the holiday season. And many players valiently trying there best to help out where possible. Long may that continue. Without this 'can do' approach, the march contest season would be dead in the water.


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