Adjudication how to improve?

Should adjudicators take any other part in a contest in which they are adjudicating?

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This is not the normal we deserved that moan but one of concern over the way our system of adjudication seems to be a very closed organisation and if you don't have the money for the diploma then thats it should the results of our amateur contests be decided by people who could afford to take the course. Also from what I see attending most local contests is that we need some form of rule book for adjudicators because they do tend to contradict each other and it should be the quality of the performance etc. not that the adjudicator may prefer that piece of music in open choice or a different tempo than written there just needs more consistancy.
Peoples opinions and attitudes towards music are always different which is what makes us individuals, therefore they will always contradict each other in one form or another.
I understand your arguement, we all do. It can probably improve but will never be a perfect system.

(Just my opinion, which someone will disagree with anyway!!)


I love the idea that our adjudicators lock themselves in a curtain box witha pad of paper, pen and a bit of metal casing with a pea in it to blast when they want.

Anyone that can listen to the same piece 25 times in a row deserve some respect. but yes they should do a bit more.

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I agree with the comment about the rule book. There's been a few events I've witnessed where the outcome was dependant on one guy's view. If maybe not a rule book, then perhaps organisation groups need to clarify certain confusions. Such as:

Concert Program - Is this to imply it's a concert? Is it meant to be audience or adjudicator pleasing?

Hymn - There's been a few statements made unofficially down here that certain arrangements of hymns shouldn't be classed as hymns as they lose the hymn-like structure. Well I better get a refund on that new Allan Fernie Huym I just bought for the band.....

Concert March - Do Orchestral Marches count?

While the complaints received over these issues aren't serious, it does make a conductor ponder when he starts planning for a contets, especially when they feel "immature" in the eyes of the banding worl, like I do.

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