Add a 5th Section?

Do we need a fifth section?

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ian perks

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Looks a good idea as some bands would like to have a go but are not 100% sure what really goes on.
Or a section for non contesting bands who are thinking of going to a contest,they colud pick a short programe of 10/12 mins play it and get points given out of 100 with general comments from the judge.


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If we add another section now, where will it end? There's already been talk of splitting the Championship into two levels.

Dave Payn

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I haven't read all the replies so apologies if I echo someone else's opinion, but perhaps there is a need for a fifith section but not necessarily at the bottom. Maybe the championship section needs to be split up into the 'elite' and 'the rest'. (Elite, championship, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th). I know, a bit like the English football league but seeing as contesting unfortunately, resembles sport these days, maybe it's the way forward.


mikelyons said:
It would, IMHO give them an incentive to grow and develop.

As someone on this thread has already mooted, we need to understand that not all unregistered bands are keen to enter the mainstream contesting world. Some bands are flourishing outside and don't feel they are missing out in anyway.
Stannary Brass in my area have 50-70 players on their books and a really good youth policy.
Perhaps they can give US a few lessons in "growth" and "development"


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Maybe what we need to do is look at the number of bandsd in the various regions and look to chamge the borders.

As a player in a Midland Area band I think our area is far too large both geigraphically and in the number of bands.