'Accidental' misprints!

This sounds like fun.

Barman suite (Bizet)
Larga (Handel)
Stroke up the Band
Across the seat (Ancliffe)
Adiemus for Bras (Jenkins)
Any dram will do (LLoyd Webber)
Cry of the Cells
Czar dash (Strauss)
Four Cornish Dunces


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Carnival de Menice
Strike up the Bland
A Fridge over troubled water
Blue rondo a la burk
The Frying dutchman
Le Cod
Rhapsody in glue
Cattle hymn of the republic

And one i've actually seen in a program - Burglers holiday

Dave Payn

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Some superb contributions! Keep 'em coming, folks!

Waster Hymn from Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni)

And now, A Gershwin selection for band

Stride Up The Band
Embraceable Yob
I Gob Rhythm
Someone To Hatch Over Me


Smetana's "The Battered Bride"

Mozart's "The Manic Flute"

"Corset Carillon"

A couple of ones that don't quite fit the criteria, but that are amusing anyway:

Philip Sparke's "Concert Qualude", or Gregson's "Qualude for an Occasion"

"The Summer Nose"

I recently saw a rough draft (thankfully!!) of a concert program where one of the pieces was listed as "London Derriere"!

I also once saw a typo in a brass band CD listing on Amazon.com - the band was "Bighouse & Rastrick". I don't know about the UK, but in the US "big house" is a slang term for a prison.



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How about some jazz tunes?!

A Fight in Tunisia
Blue loon
Sketches of Pain
In the Nood
Seven steps to Deaven
Hello Wolly
Angle eyes
South Rampant street Parade

And the classic Miles Davis Album 'Birth of the Fool'

I have far to much spare time on my hands at work!!!


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The Plant-agents Edward Gregson
Dear Lard and Father Parry arr. Graham
Balls Across the Meadow Ketelby arr. Graham (sorry Peter!)
The Slavonic Crhapsodies Friedmann
Lardo al Fatotum Rossini
David of the Sh*te Rock Trad. arr Willcocks (will they what?!?)
Skirt Traditional (Skirl: Scottish Trad. I believe - a comment on kilts?)
Le C. I. D. Can't remember (An investigation for band)
Moan River Mancini (have we had that alreday?)
Adventures in Bras Ray Fart (that one too?)
Overture: Ruy Blast Mendelssohn
Sh*t Chat Polka Johann Strauss
Overture: William Toll Rossini ("There's an extra charge for the finale, madam.")

that'll do for now...


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You could do a whole section on toilet humour.... yknow, 'Poop and Circumstance' and 'Bummertime' 'Flight of the Bumble Pee'
Sorry, low I know!

Dave Payn

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Toilet humour?

Walton: Touch Her Soft Lips, and Fart

Respighi: The Piles of Rome

Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker (needs no amendment)

Smetana: The Fartered Bride