A warm, bassy hello to all


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Hi everyone. I'm Laz and I've been playing in brass bands for over 5 years now - currently on Bb Bass, which I enjoy tremendously. I've played in all sorts of different bands and orchestras over the years but nothing comes close to brass banding, for its fun, vast array of characters, and the fantastic sound we can produce (on a good day :) ).

Loves: A big bandstand on a sunny day
Bugbears: Intonation - so much so I developed an app (Intonation Station) to try and address it
Hopes: That the brass band scene continues thriving at all levels. It's something the UK can truly be proud of.

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Welcome to tmp. Yes, Brass Bands are where it’s at (well it can be and there’s enough variety for most tastes).

BBb, the foundation of the Band upon which all else rests. Dammed hard work playing one well and rarely valued. I find more fun playing a Trombone myself but am ever thankful to have a good Bass Section underpinning all that the band does - and I find it’s often them that work on the committee too.
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