A tuba player on Trumpet? Make the Pain go away!!!

Okiedokie of Oz

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I know myself that trumpet is not my instrument, but because the parts are a little more demanding, every so often I get roped into playing. I can play trumpet. I have a nice tone, and pitching is easy. And sometimes I surprise myself, top E is starting to become a normal note note, not a "screetch high rare note that only pro's play" note.

However, sometimes when I play trumpet, I start ot lose my embouchure. My lips wont vibrate. I start to leak out the side, I lose control of the lip tension, and my jaw, and sometimes throat, all start to hurt.

I've tolerated it for a few years, taking it as a sign of "If ya gonna do stupid things, do it properly and warmm up!" but sometimes the troubles it causes can be rather embarrassing (sounds like I'm referring to some bad toiletry habit!).

Any ideas? If it helps, It's a Conn semi-pro trumpet with the standard 7C mouthpiece, but surely that wouldn't make too much difference, would it????

Would it???? :oops: :? :cry:

James McFadyen

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Stay away from the 7C Mouthpiece for Trumpet!

I bought myself a Jet Tone mouthpiece for my big band Trumpet playing, It was quite a shallow one!

High notes were much clearer and was able to last longer without knackering myself. Getting top F's and G's with spectacular tone and spectaular volume!

7C's are good for all round playing. If your wanting to get higher easier, get a shallow mouthpiece. However be prepared for the 'You'll get a thin tone!' line from someone and while it's true the tone will be a little thinner, at least you'll get the high notes without knackering your lip.

When I played sop for Buckaven Band, they bought me a shallow mouthpiece for easier high range!
Have a look at the post by Emb_enh (Roddy) here..


I've seen read quite a few of his posts both on this forum and the Trumpet Herald (http://www.trumpetherald.com) and have found them quite interesting and helpful. Roddy was a lead trumpet player in the West End here in London for a number of years so is somewhat of an expert!!

Check out his website also for more hints & tips and advice on all aspects of playing...


It has been certainly been my experience that getting a mouthpiece to solve one problem (play high notes) usually causes one or more new problems. Choose a mouthpiece that is 1) comfortable and 2) most suitable for the type of playing you do most.

Okiedokie of Oz

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First, let me say that there's no doubt that Roddy's got his finger on the pulse of embouchure problems.

Secondly, it isn't always in the higher range when it happens. Yes, if I play too long up there, it happens quicker, and when it happens it limist what I can do up there, but the range isn't always the case. it happens sometimes when I play fast moving parts on a limited range of notes (ie a 3rd trumpet/cornet part)


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One of the best Eb Bass players I know is also a great Scream Trumpter and doesn't seem to suffer any adverse effects.

As an ex-cornet/trumpet player myself I find that I can still play the trumpet reasonably well, although I tend to pitch flat and don't have a particularly clear tone. Interestingly, I can play the upper register a lot better than I ever could before moving onto bass. Unfortunately my middle register is all shot to bits intonation-wise and I have no stamina whatsoever.

Can pump out the lower register ridiculously powerfully though!! Gave my old teacher a shock when I went back to my Youth Jazz Orch for a blow and got dumped on 4th Trumpet!!

I don't generally find trumpet playing really affects my bass embrouchure. Although for obvious reasons i wouldn't play trumpet the week before a contest!

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