A SPECIAL PLACE.....please buy a set for your band!!!


I'm pleading to all you banding people out there ....and there are quite a few of you now!!...please find a few coffers from your music budget to purchase "A special place" penned by the ever talented Mr. Richards. Its a lovely melodic piece which audiences will love,especially when they know why it was written. Below is a little bit about the charity for which all proceeds from sells will go. Thanking you all in anticipation of your support !! :)

Reg. charity no.1003314

Exciting news on the banding together front! Goff Richards has generously added his support to the banding together initiative by writing a beautiful piece of music dedicated to Children’s Hospice South West. Further more, the publishers of this music are also helping with our fund raising. ‘A Special Place’ can be bought directly from the address below, When bought directly from us, the profit from each set will go directly to the Children’s Hospice appeal.

The music costs £20 per set + postage and packing.

About ‘Banding together’ (If you don’t know us)

‘Banding together’ is an initiative aimed at fundraising and raising awareness in the brass banding community about the children’s hospice. It is hoped that by advertising and networking within brass bands, we as players can make a difference to the huge task of raising the £15,000000 needed to build, equip and run the children’s hospice for two years.

Research has shown that there are over 800 families with children in need of hospice care in the southwest alone. At the moment Little Bridge House in Devon is the only hospice serving the needs of these families in the entire south west. The new Children’s Hospice is to be built at Charlton Farm nr.Bristol on the Wraxall estate and will cater for both the children and their families in a peaceful, professional environment. Planning permission has been granted, the land purchased and the cutting of the first turf will take place in May 2004.

Please join the bands who have who have been ‘Banding Together’ to help fundraise for this very worthwhile cause. Make a difference to these families. From concerts, carols, coffee mornings and direct donations, bands have raised over £3,0000 since ‘Banding Together’ began one year ago.

For sets of music and further information please contact Judith Jones on judith@pumax.org or telephone me at home on 01275 877770

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