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I have a euphonium piece by Eric Ball called "A Song of Faith" and it's from "Song of the Morning". I'm just wondering if that part of Song of the Morning was a euphonium feature or if Eric Ball have arranged it to be a euphonium solo?



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Songs of the Morning contains a number of tunes:
1st movment: 'Welcome happy morning'
2nd movement: 'Begin the day with God'
3rd movement: Not sure, although I think one of the tunes is sung with the words 'Salvation Army, Army of God'

Not sure if/where the 'Song of Faith' comes into it at all.



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"Song of Faith" is derived from the last movement, which in its original version does feature the euphonium prominently. I'm not certain how different the two versions are, or whether Eric Ball did the solo version himself or if it was adapted by someone else. I know Derick Kane recorded it on his solo cd "Lyric Variations", and I've a feeling it may have been done for him.


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It is published by SA with piano accompaniment in probably the first soloists album for euphonium. It does not answer what came first but Song of Faith is composed by Eric Ball and I suspect was written when Derick Kane was but a twinkle :!:
The arrangement featured on Derick Kane's solo CD was a transcription of the piano score. The transcription was done at Derick's request by Simon Birkett. Of course Eric Ball had passed to his reward long before all this! :lol:

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