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Hi, just a small internet problem that's bugging me. I can open up big "maximized" size windows whenever I click the IE symbol in the toolbar, but for some reason now whenever i'm on a site and right click on something and go on "open in new window", instead of opening in a large window it opens it up in a tool bar and I have to click on the maximize window every time so I can open it up into a large page.
It's annoying me! Can anyone help?


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No problem... Internet Explorer "remembers" window sizes.

If you click the "restore" button (when you maximise your window, the middle button of the three in the top right corner becomes this) and then resize your window MANUALLY (drag the bottom right corner), then close IE, this is the size that will be remembered.

Some Pop-up adverts will change this size, so you may find yourself doing this quite often.

Hope this helps.


There is a bug in IE which only affects a few users that has the same symptoms.

The only I have found to solve this (If Fishtas, normal route doesn't work) is to fiddle with the registry of your windows install.

Be VERY carefull if you do this cos the registry is vital to your windows install!!

1.) Click on Start, Run, type Regedit in the open field.

2.) Go to H_Key_Current_User/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Main.

3.) Delete or rename the key Window_Placement.

4.) Restart Internet Explorer.

I have had to do this a few times to correct this issue..

IM me if ya want walking through it!

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