A Short Guide to Preparing to Record a Brass Band CD


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Keith certainly provides an alternative to KMJ Recordings - as do the likes of Doyen, Reelsound and others.

In our experience, 'best' is fairly subjective...and it's the reason why Faireys are coming to us for the next Acid Brass project, we're recording for the Clarence Adoo Trust and Leyland are returning for their third CD with KMJ Recordings in the New Year....

Jess Tredrea
KMJ Recordings

I did a recording with a band using Reelsound a month after our recording was done with KMJ, There may be no way of defining 'best' but value of money? Reelsound expected the MD to listen to all the takes and decide for himself what extra's captures were needed, the MD was then given all the recorded sound and he had to do the edit plots, microphones were gaffa taped together on a stand, all the mic's were moved and set up again the next day, one bloke and mac doing the recording sat 10 feet from the band (how do you hear what the mics pick up?) KMJ offer a brilliant, professional service, for a good price (anyone who wants to check out our finished product (www.emleybrassband.co.uk). When I found out the band had gone with Reelsound for the difference of less than two hundred quid I was gobsmacked, they were so haphazard it was unbelievable! KMJ's team are fantastic and I've worked with Doyen in the past several times, for me KMJ offer just as good a service and a better price, But beware - cheapest is not best, and in my opinion Reelsound is neither the cheapest or the best (not even close, in fact).

ooops that started to look like a rant! oh well off my soap box now!