A Question for all North West bass players.........


Are ALL you people attached to bands?? We've been trying to get new basses into the band for what seems like a millenia, with absolutely no joy whatsoever!

Of the North West bassists on this board, what do you look for in a band? Maybe we're doing something wrong! Admittedly, at 4th section level the parts for Eb/Bb are at times not the most interesting, but is that all you bombardons want?

Please help me in this problem- I think I need some!!

A very confused Conductor!


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I think you'll find this problem exists right through the sections my friend... there's many a band without a full set of basses! :? As for help, I can offer none. Perhaps setting up some kind of animal trap with a kebab/beer for bait? :roll:


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I think Chris just wants a free kebab! (Top section basses are very adept at springing those kind of traps).

I think you should think about 'promotion' (have you got someone in the band who would consider moving onto bass?) as it is probably easier to recruit into another section.


Must admit have not thought about shifting around, as if you do that then you've still got a space to fill! Have only just filled the euph section as that would be the most obvious choice, so that's out.

Help me please, suggestions?


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As far as I can tell, wherever you are it's difficult to find basses... who'd want to play that thing anyway?? :wink: :p


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Same problem exists here in Norfolk. We have been after an Eb since April / May time and I have been the only Bb for more years than I care to remember.


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Promoting somebody from your juniors is a good idea if you have anyone playing either bass in there. Even a euph player might be interested in promotion if you ask right. :)

It always seems more difficult to get hold of even half decent bass players like me, although from the sound of it you would take anyone who could sit up and see lightning.

Unfortunately, my band also practices Monday and Thursday, and you are a little out of my neck of the woods. :cry:



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At Flixton, Timbone got a promotion? :? to BBb from Tenor Trombone to fill a vacancy. I think it is a good idea to see if you can have any movements within the band....it is certainly easier to recruit a euph/trom etc

Big Fella

There has been a shortage of bass players for the last 18 months or so. I play BBb ( not particulary well ), and I have been quite suprised at some of the bands who have phoned and asked if I want an audition..

Move people around, why would you want to play something that belongs on a key ring fob all your life..

2nd man down

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sparkling_quavers said:
I think it is a good idea to see if you can have any movements within the band

We have no problems with that at all after Ploughboy's Chilli!!! :shock: :shock: :( :? :D :roll: :wink:

Power Tooba

Sorry, Not from the NW so can't really help you, but, this is one of the reasons why I love playing Bass - Always in demand! Never have any problems with someone to play for. Already play for two bands and could easily go join a couple more if I had time.

The lesson here methinks is when you have bass players you should look after them, provide with expense accounts for Beer and Kebabs, and maybe a masseuse during rehaersals etc etc.... :lol: :lol: :lol:


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I know the problem well, as I have the job of finding deps for jobs, and the (thankfully rare, cos ours are committed guys) odd times I've tried to get basses other bands have had none either!

The only consolation is that they're not as rare as lower section percussionists, or bass trombones - they really are like rocking horse dropppings to find.

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