Sold/Expired A quality brass band CD for 5 ENGLISH POUNDS!!


Gateshead Brass have recently discovered some copies of our 1994 CD/tape "Water of Tyne", and would like to give you the opportunity to purchase this piece of brass band history, at the bargain price of £5+p&p. If you pay by cheque, we'll even discount the p&p.

We only have a limited number of these CD's and tapes, so don't miss out on a piece of North East history.

The session for this CD was recorded under the baton of brass band legend David Hirst and David Dye, and is of the standard you would expect from a premier top section band.

Click here for a sample of "Billy's Exhibition Hop" from the CD.

1 Bramwyn John R Carr 3.28
2 Bobby Shaftoe Trad. arr. G. Langford 4.14
3 The Blaydon Races Trad. arr. G. Langford 3.27
4 Lavendar Blue Trad. arr J. Stobbs 2.15
5 Essay for Brass Band: Dialogue Edward Gregson 4.09
6 Essay for Brass Band: Soliloquay 4.54
7 Essay for Brass Band: Epigram 3.17
8 Billy's Exhibition Hop Trad. arr. S. Shimwell 3.53
9 Kathryn Louise Alan Morrison 6.13
10 Cushy Butterfield Trad. arr. G. Langford 3.47
11 When the Boast Comes In Trad. arr. P. Lane 3.14
12 The Keel Row Trad. arr. D. Barry 3.09
13 The Water of Tyne Trad. arr J. Stobbs 2.42
14 Knight Templar George Allan 5.10

To order, please send a cheque for £5 per CD or tape, made payable to "Gateshead Brass" to:

Gateshead Brass
36 Byron Avenue
Willington Quay
Tyne & Wear
NE28 6NG.

Or visit to pay by PayPal.

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bigcol said:
11 When the Boast Comes In Trad. arr. P. Lane

What boast?? :roll: :roll:

That sounds like a cracking line-up some classics on there, the like of which i miss living in South Yorkshire :( :(
Why can't Dronfield find Billys Exihibition Hop? :cry:


Yes that's right - we were the Police Band then - they dumped us in 2001 and we moved to Gateshead. The rest, as they say, is history.

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