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I was sent these a whike back (nothing to do with me despite my penchant for 'word strangling'!) Some truly amazing ones, particularly towards the end of the list.

I've had to omit a few from the list I was sent, simply because they're too rude!

Under a lot of pressure =
Prefer strenuous load?

True impudence? =
Picture me nude!

School student =
Tends to slouch.

A television commercial =
Aim to sell nice car, movie,...

Charismatic leader =
Declare I am a Christ!

Police helicopter =
I circle 'hot' people.

The crime of arson =
Fearsome torchin'.

A Goose-step march =
Scream: "Oh! Gestapo!"

The manuscript =
Thus came print.

...and every night I distrust ~
the advertising industry.

Classified Document =
Found access limited.

A sorry tale =
A real story.

Kitchen garden =
Green and thick.

Mortal sin ~
isn't moral.

The flowers that bloom in the spring =
The sign of little warmth: hope's born.

A Silent Prayer =
Priestly arena.

An Office Secretary =
Carry in coffee, teas.

The Baptism Ritual =
Met spiritual bath.

Paranormal activity =
I am part clairvoyant.

I am lonely =
E-mail only.

Polygamist =
Mostly a pig!

Television ads ~
enslave idiots.

Plastic surgery =
Super-grisly act.

Snort cocaine =
Nose narcotic.

Sergeant Ernest Bilko =
Brainless rotten geek.

Arsenic and Old Lace =
A concern, as all died.

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons =
Can't spy marionette cast handlers.

The conductor, Sir Simon Rattle =
Music Director short on talent.

I, Claudius =
U, Suicidal

'The Old Man and the Sea' by Ernest Hemingway =
He's made his enemy angry and won the battle.

'The Laughing Cavalier' a painting by Frans Hals =
A fresh chap in a big hat grinning suavely at all.

He's a legend in his own mind =
Neil Diamond, when he sings.

Weapons of mass destruction =
Poison to smarten a few scuds.

Celibacy in the priesthood =
Choir boys end pathetic lie!


Nurse Florence Nightingale =
Heroine curing fallen gents.

The American writer Ogden Nash =
One needs a rather charming wit.

Rodgers and Hammerstein =
Men rather admired songs.

The late Dudley Stuart John Moore =
O, the dead jester that you'll mourn.

Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson =
An old RN sailor, a hero I'm told.


Marston's Pedigree =
Am p***ed, no regret.

Fat Club =
Cut flab.

Sibelius Music Printing Software =
Input sublime scores as if writing.

The British Board of Film Censors =
Robs cinemas of best horrid filth.

Paris Saint-Germain =
It inspires anagram.

The Arabian Desert =
Heat-based terrain.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police =
Ah, namely an ideal cop: red tunic, too!

The Oxford English Dictionary =
I find thy lexicon's rather good.

The Royal Marines =
Army at shoreline.

The late British comedian, actor and keyboard player Dudley Stuart John Moore =
Dead. Both dead. Not only Peter Cook... but also him. (Just hilarity and a merry career).

'Ablaze: The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion' by Larry E. Arnold =

Surely no-one's body can auto flare-up in hot flames, so it's some bizarre urban myth.

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