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The Cornet King

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Hi All, I'm The Cornet King otherwise known as Chris Hoyle. (I believe as the only King on tMP i am the divine ruler of all, but as yet i'm still waiting for someone to share that with and so eagerly await the new member 'The Cornet Queen') ;)

I live in Huddersfield and currently play with the United Co-op Yorkshire band and started playing the cornet when i was 10.
I played with Clifton and Lightcliffe band from 2000-2003 before heading off to University in Hull where i joined the Cottingham Band and played for 3 years.
At University i studied History and attained a 2:1 BA honours degree. I also endured many painful mornings of hangovers, the sweet scent of my housemates vomit on our stairs and a pub quiz team victory landing the team with £916.03! :p

So anyone out there studying history at A-Level or degree level and find themselves stuck give me a shout and i may be able to help!! :p

When i'm not playing cornet you'll also see me out and about on the golf course (beating Ploughboy, sorry Garry). I play to a handicap of 6 so its considerably better than my cornet playing! CornetGirl once told me its a good walk spoilt...more often than not its its a good walk made even better but there are odd times when its highly frustrating.
5 a side footie has taught me how unfit i am, 3 years of abuse at Uni didnt help, but who knows one day i may be able to finish a half, all 5 minutes of it!

My favourite tipple is Real Ale and/or guinness...Guinness and Port comes highly recommended, if not make it a double glenfiddich.

The Mouthpiece is great fun, highly addictive but gives you chance to meet loads of new friends, and turn you into a BOC...join tMP and you'll soon know what that means!

So thats it, my life story in a nutshell...*Yawn*...speak to some of you soon.


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Hi Chris and :hi.

Here's hoping to meeting your queen on tMP. We could do with another tMP wedding. ;)

The Cornet King

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Think i've opened (totally unexpectantly) a right can of worms here...any more people want to audition for a position as Cilla Black??? ;)

Still up for that game of golf Rach? I know how much you love the sport...