A little about me

Daisy Duck

Hello, I'm Daisy Duck.

Real name is Louise and I'm a back row cornet player for Mid Sussex Brass Band.

I joined in March and this is my first real banding experience (unless you want to count 2 rehearsals and a park gig for Fulham Brass Band about 3 years ago). I'm really enjoying myself playing for a pretty relaxed band where the aim seems to be to just try our best and play better than we did last time (rather than win at all costs!).

I started playing trumpet / cornet four years ago although I already had a rather extensive musical background. I went to the Welsh College of Music and Drama to do Arts Management and ended up living with a bunch of brass players and learning the trumpet!

I also rather enjoy playing in the East Sussex Concert Band and doing a few local orchestra things.

I love all things Disney - you can spot my mutes by the Disney stickers on them and even my trumpet has Winnie the Pooh on the first valve, Tigger on the second, Eeyore on the third and Piglet on the end of the leadpipe.