A freaky coincidence!!!

Di B

I realised something at the area on Sunday, and it really spooked me, particularly after a few beers! :lol:

In the midlands, there is the association contest held at Derby around a month before the area contest.

Here are the 4th Section Results for both contests for 2003 and 2004...... spot the similarity....


Bakewell - Derby 1st Area - 3rd
Matlock - Derby 2nd Area - Not Placed
Long Eaton - Derby 3rd Area - 2nd


Matlock - Derby 1st Area - 3rd
Rolls Royce - Derby 2nd Area - Not Placed
Newhall - Derby 3rd Area - 2nd

Hmmm....... it will be interesting to see next years results! I might have to dig into previous years too! :lol:

Anyone else know of seriously weird results like this?!?!?!?!


Yeah we had a spooky one.

In 2002 and 2003 we came last both time at the British Open.

Mind you we played total crap on both occasions.

Weird but true. :wink:
There has to be something in the air, cos so far everyband I have played in hasn't won anything. Maybe i'm just a bad luck charm!! :shock: Will have to prove this theory wrong!!


At the last two Open Championships, the runners-up both played off a number eight draw, and their Sop recieved the soloist prize...


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Has anyone ever done a study of draw position vs. results? It seems to me, with my limited contest knowledge, that draw position could affect results, seeing that the judges are humans (I think :) ) and daily rhythms apply. It would be really interesting to know if there's an advantage, for example, to being the first band after a meal or other break, but I doubt you can get that from historical results.


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4BR did a while ago - the one surprise was that 2nd was an even worse position to be drawn than 1st.



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well my band dont seem to have done to bad then since we were drawn 2nd on sunday and came 6th (with lauradoll laughing at me coz she came 5th :x )


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Oddly enough, us neither - the one and only time we qualified for the finals in the last 20-odd years was from draw number 2.

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