a diet of proplus and jaffa cakes...

six pints

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....isnt good for you. especially having 12 proplus in about 20mins. i should have gone to lectures all year instead of sleeping. i now have 5 days to do a years worth of work. sigh. :( :shock: :? :x :oops: :evil: :hammer :dunno


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im doing a years work in one night so your not on your own. Just think of all the other students in the same boat that have left it till the very last (insert length of time here) and youll feel alot better. When i went to my exam this morning i felt better cause i knew i had revised for that one and saw all the other people crapping themselves about it.
Oh well two down four more to go for me.

Naomi McFadyen

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:lol: Thanks for that... I don't feel so bad now.
Only a few pieces of coursework to finish now, although I'm due to go away on Friday evening so I only really have 2 1/2 days to get it all done :shock:
I'm gonna be busy tonight and tomorrow!



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bloody students... wasting my tax money... moan moan moan...

hehe, can't wait for october!!! :D
I had to write an essay last night for the first time since I left uni a year and a half ago - nightmare! Its so easy to get out of the way of it! Anyway, you can always work best leaving it to the last minute!


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Well good luck all - just remember, if you are taking ProPlus, don't stop until you have time to sleep for 48 hours solid... or the hangover will kill you! :lol:


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pro plus are bad...one remembers takin a whole packet of them before cd recording and spent the whole day feeling like one was *flying* not the best idea i have had. :roll:
Remember when I was a student, looking out of the window one afternoon (didn't want to look out of it in the morning as I'd have nothing to do later) and saw a student doing last minute study WHILST RIDING A BIKE :!: :!: :!:


Yup, had about four hours sleep in the last 72. Not good. I'm not normally the sort of person that leaves it to the last minute, but this week, I have had three pieces of coursework to do (worth the full grade of my entire units- I.e three units ride on the grades of these assignments); one exam which i haven't started revising for and I had a whole day interview yesterday for a massive organisation that I want to work for in my year out. That nearly killed me!! And yet I'm still on tMP. :? Right where's the pro plus and jaffa cakes? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Can feel another all nighter coming up- :roll: looks like i won't be at band tonight?! :(

Can you get addicted to pro plus? I hope not, don't wanna end up joining PP anonomous.


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I remember in my last year of undergrad, popping a pack of pro-plus before my horrendous 8 exams in 9 days. At the end of it I looked like Saddam when they pulled him out of the bunker.

I've got my first year report to write for the end of this month (4 pages out of 40 done) and a poster to present at a conference, oh and all my research to do as well - trust me guys it doesn't get any better as you get older (people actually expect you to be able to cope with it!!). Unfortunately I can only keep my mind on one thing...



i cannot comment on Pro-plus but can vouch for Jaffa Cakes - they are so addictive!!!!

I've eaten a packet in one go aswell! :roll:

But they're excellent for stress relief!


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:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Mind you had I still been at uni this term I would probably be in the exact same position, if not worse. Anybody who knows me will know the true extent of my laziness and my large consumption of alcohol :twisted:


Well it's now 2.11am and I have been up since 6.00am yesterday. Currently ODed on V Energy Drink, Red Bull, Wine Gums, Maltesers, revels, kit kat kubes and minstrels!! And i still haven't finished my work!!! :shock: :lol:

Dave Euph

In the first week back there was virtually one coursework deadline every day! Almost everyone was panicking! One of my mates didn't go home one night, so after my lovely sleep I came in the following morning to ind him still there (if he reads this, he'll also make himself known!)!

But no, that diet isn't healthy! :)


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For those of us from across the pond, what are proplus and jaffa cakes?

I'm gathering from the posts that they contain large amounts of caffeine and sugar?



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proplus are more or less caffeine tablets, but jaffa cakes! the're indescribable! kind of a cake with a chocalote bottom, with some jelly (jello) between. heavon

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