A dentist's favourite classical music pieces

Dave Payn

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Hope this can start a thread!

Henry Purcell: Dido and Anaesthetic

Richard Strauss: Drill Eulenspielgel

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Floss Campi

Stravinsky: The Bite of Spring


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Well....as a dentist I should be qualified to answer this one!

Crown Imperial (of course!)

Mercury from The Planets

Theme from Bridge over the River Kwai

Roots of Heaven (and it really is about a dentist!)

EmBRACEable You

Any EXTRACT from a symphony

And I'm sure someone wrote a piece about impressions...

The (rubber)DAM Busters (rubber dam is what is used to isolate a tooth when you do a root canal)

And the dentist's favourite hymn...Crown Him With Many Crowns!

Rach x


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Another One Bites The Dust? :lol:

or...after you have seen the bill for the dental work...You Take My Breath Away


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Re: Dentist

Anglo Music Press said:
My friend is a dentist and he likes the Verdi Requiem.

My dentist is a star in local Amateur Operatics and recently took the part of Jud Fry in a production of Oklahoma! Surely he must aspire to play the 'Elvis' part in Little Shop of Horrors, as a sadistic dentist...

A Bridge too Far?
A Whitener Shade of Pale?



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:cry: Pleaseeee stop it. I have the dentist next Wednesday to get a £180 crown fitted. Told HER iI expected a TIARA at the price. :wink:

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