A Cornet Bore?


I was wondering why bands insist on the use of Large bore Cornets?
I recently practiced on my old ML Bore instrument and found i could single tongue at P or PP more sweetly and easily. The sound was only very slightly brighter than my Meastro. Surly you should play the instrument that suits you. ??Why have L bore instruments become the norm?



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I think it has become a common mantra in the brass world that less resistance is good. I have a friend whose bass trombone is bored out at every turn to 'increase the airflow'. It does improve the overall quality of the sound, once you master it, but it generally darkens the sound and makes the instrument more difficult to play especially at lower dynamics. If you get a good breathing regimen then you could find that the large bore could sound better - but it requires quite a lot of effort IMHO and what works well for the pros isn't always the solution for amateur players.

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