A Conductors Curse


I've been sitting here in work, trying to figure out ways to get this "4 noble truths" out of my head.

It's starting to send me slowly crazy (As does every testpiece) as I hear it when when I wake up in the morning, when I'm driving to work, when I'm eating lunch, I think I'm going round the twist, and strange as I never have this problem as a player or with concert music! Is this fixable by psychiatric care? Or do I have to put it down to the conductors curse, to be forever consumed by the music we play! Any thoughts or advice? :?


Ah Mr Sparke, I think that's a great idea, wonder if my boss would notice :wink:

I must admit though, I've been cursing you and praising you in equal measure this past few weeks, you've a really great test piece there, it's just that it's sending me barmy lol.


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You could try removing the headphones, or changing the CD :lol:

I found this with Kaleidoscope. Some bits of it wouldn't leave me alone.

I'd either follow Mr Sparke's cure which can be very effective, 8) or listen to some heavy metal rock or grunge or garage. That is good for erasing music from your mind :)

The worst thing for me when this happens is, if I am composing, I can end up subconsciously using some of the music that's going round in my skull. In the old days (16th Century) it wasn't so bad - other composers took it as a compliment if you did this. These days you are more likely to be sued. :(


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It happens to players too! (Or me anyway). I have a lot of the music we're rehearsing at the moment going round in my head all day. I find myself humming excerpts at various points. :oops:

Naomi McFadyen

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That happens to us all... as the player, conductor or composer.
Sometimes it can get quite irritating..... mmm, reminds me of another thread! :lol:


I have to admit, I have different levels of intensity to the "playback" function of my brain.
Generally when I'm playing a piece I'll only keep in my head the little bits that are worrying me. As a conductor I find I can sit back and run the whole thing through in my brain, and the worst of it is, I can't stop it lol, it's like switching on a CD player and finding you can't turn the beggar off. Most annoying, thank god it's a quality test piece!

the other annoying thing I've just been caught doing by my boss, is spending 10 minutes blankly staring at my computer screen while waving my pen in the air trying to practice beating patterns......Oh dear oh dear!!

Thirteen Ball

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Worst thing is when the same thing sticks in Everyone's head.

We got a new march in a little while ago and the whole band has been whistling it for weeks. Drives you insane cos you don't even realise you're doing it until the fella next to you is bright red with rage and looking for sharp objects... :oops:

Some tunes just stick. And there's nowt you can do to shift em.

Worst culprits:

Death or glory
The 'andante pastorale' in the middle of les preludes
Tijuana Tuba :shock: (That's probably just my warped mind though.)


mikelyons said:
or listen to some heavy metal rock or grunge or garage. That is good for erasing music from your mind :)

God forbid someone actually listens to any other music, o and just because you don't understand it doesnt mean its not music, not everyone only listens to brass bands, it's this sort of view which makes brass band 'uncool' to young people...


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Hey Mark, why don't you try a bit of the Prodigy - always used to work in the horse.... that and the 20 pints! :guiness

That or the aftershock...

How is your arrangement of 'Smack my Prostitute Up, You Arsonist Hussy' anyway?! :wink:


I had to abandon the idea Maz, I couldn't persuade Charles Mitchell to burn his piano while shouting "I'm the trouble starter, twisted fire starter", would've looked great on stage, such a shame!

And anyway, it's SPANK, not smack, philistine! :twisted:


I'm disappointed in you Miss Cliff, forgetting the name of my masterpiece, my lifes work, your going to have buy my muchos beerage at Harrogate to compensate :wink:


Berries and beer, sounds like a healthy mix to me. Must remember to pack the yard glass too. I'm such a respectable conductor :shock:

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