Sold/Expired 5 more full sets of Brass Band Music on eBay.


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Another 5 pieces are now available on eBay, including the Concorde March,
commissioned by British Airways for the now retired plane. That particular
piece even includes a dust jacket around the score with a photo of the
marvelous plane--a great piece of concorde memorabilia. Our library
cleanout continues, as we try to fund a new Euphonium.

Tony Wieser
Tutti Cornet and Webmaster
Cottenham Brass Band

All auctions end just after 20:20 GMT 10-May-2004

Concorde March -- Commssioned by British Airways

Brass Band Music - Oliver Cromwell

Brass Band Music - Fanfare and March

Brass Band Music - Preludes on Hymn Tunes

Brass Band Music - Two Chorale Preludes

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