4th Section Contest results 2003


I am putting together a list of contest results for the 4th section from this year.

I have trawled the web and have realised that our beloved regional associations have absolute rubbish websites!

I am looking for the following results:

Rochdale Contest, January
Holmfirth Contest, March ( I know we came 2nd! But can't remember who won!)
Wigglesworth Contest, May

If any tMp'ers can help out I will really appreciate it.

Cheers, Matt.


North Wales 4th section results

Rhyl Festival of Brass

Adjudicator: Steve Pritchard-Jones

1st Phoenix West Midlands Brass Band David Bishop Rowe
2nd Porthaethwy Menai Bridge Band Gavin Saynor
3rd Llay Welfare Band Peter Downey
Best Soloist Emma Cox with Phoenix West Midlands Brass Band
Best Percussion Porthaethwy Menai Bridge Band

National Eisteddfod of Wales

Day/time Final:
10:00 am, Saturday 2 August, Pavillion

Judge: C. Brian Buckley

1 - Menai Bridge Porthaethwy
2 - Harlech
3 - Loughor

Still got one more to go in a few weeks so will let you know what happens

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