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There don't appear to be any live tweets on their way from Stevenage, unless I'm missing something obvious. Shame, was hoping to catch the coverage. Swansea and Darlington seem to both be covered in loving detail.

No, I can't see any either...London Area not important enough...

Pauli Walnuts

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Stevenage appears to be the setting for Life On Mars so maybe they ironically published the retrospective 30 years ago?
You see the problem is you lot down south decided to close all the mills and collieries up north. We even had to make that film with the bloke riding to band practice on a bicyle in full stage uniform coughing up coal dust whilst throwing bits of dismembered kestrel to the whippet running alongside him just to get by. We had a cheeky word with our friends in Wales (who'd also been done over) to come up with a response. 4 Bars Rest is it, it focusses on all we have left. So if you're sat down south on your £100,000 salary nursing your Gucci handbag and wondering why you're ignored I say look at the results from the Albert Hall over however many years you care to choose inbetween having your Aga serviced. We are, quite simply, better at banding up north. It's all you lot left us with. If I want the Premier League results I look on the back page of the Sunday paper (once our lass has delivered it into the outside privvy), I don't look inside the paper. If I want to know who is going to win the Nationals I look to Yorkshire or (sometimes...to give them credit) Northwest (or even Midlands when Desford had Jimmy Watson) or Wales (those upstarts from Tredegar and Cory who were our friends to start with but didn't read the script).

Anyway, all I'm saying is don't knock 4BR's coverage, they know where their bread is buttered.


All very fair points, well made Oodle Bugler. Doesn't explain the tragic events of 1923 though. Dark days for banding.


It looks like they're covering both halls today so I guess we were unlucky yesterday not to have them doing either the fourth or third sections, although their predictions for 4th section were almost spot on.

No you weren't unlucky. I was in Stevenage from 7.45 yesterday morning and covered the entire 4th section - not everyone has the phone battery to keep posting Twitter updates for 6+ hours and have enough at the end to get the full results on the site within a short time of them being announced...... May I ask how you conclusively knew none of the sections were being covered?


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So if you're sat down south on your £100,000 salary nursing your Gucci handbag and wondering why you're ignored I say look at the results from the Albert Hall over however many years you care to choose inbetween having your Aga serviced.

Where is the Albert hall???

Red Elvis

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I say Ooodle Bugler old chap , less of these generalisations. We do have bands down here and I believe that they are popular amongst the lower orders.
Only yesterday my man Jeeves was unable to bring me my roasted pheasant and port for breakfast as I gave him the day orf in order to catch the omnibus to Stevenage , dragging his bombardon behind him. One had to rely on one's wife's lady's maid to iron the Sunday Times for one prior to perusal so don't talk to me about sacrifice in these straitened times.

I for one do not begrudge you northern chappies your enjoyment , as it keeps your minds off things such as the need for hot running water in your quaint little houses , and I'm sure the healthful benefits of blowing your oompah instruments keep off the worst effects of the rickets and other sundry agues that must afflict you what with the lack of sunlight in those parts.

Marvellous plucky fellow the northerner is. One wouldn't want one's daughter to marry one though. Standards , old man , standards !!

(One of course does not clean one's own Aga. One has people for that).
Tell me though , how is that Mr Mortimer that one used to see on one's television ?


As a commercial entity maybe 4br are missing a trick though. Of course the Nort West, Yorkshire and Wales regions are the powerbase of elite banding in the UK but in terms of numbers the London area takes some beating, and if the purpose of the areas coverage is to drive traffic to the site (and hence the adverts on the site) there's lots of potential in this area. And as Ooodle Bugler says we've got loadsa money down south so must be exactly the sort advertisers want clicking through!


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Anyone else notice Staines and Milton Keynes aren't even listed in the right sections... :rolleyes:

We weren't listed at all & even after many a tweet & email, nothing changed until the day of the contest. Even then they couldn't get it right. We are Staines BRASS & our MD was Melvin White & not I McElligott. At least they got Melvin's name correct when they posted the results! But please, please get our name right.

NB - we will not be changing our name to Staines upon Thames Brass when the town adopts it's new name in May! Long live Ali G!!!!!! :clap:


Northern bias, wor lass would say had away and ****e. What about the Northern Bands, there are bands north of Bradford you know, banding doesn't end at Queensbury. :D


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