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Am I the only one totally bemused by how this works. My band (Rogerstone) crept in at 147 in Oct and after coming 2nd in Burry Port shot up to about 131 ish and then after coming 3rd at Treorchy plumetted back to the low 140's.

Now we are out of the top 150 altogether having not competed in Dec.

However Pontardulais having just come an excellent 2nd in Butlins ,which has been only thier second contest this year, are a new entry at 114!! (This is an example and not a dig at Bont in anyway)

I'm all for wieghted averages etc but how heavy is heavy?


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The fact is any ranking system is a pretty poor indication of a bands true ability outside the top 15 to 20 bands. The rest do not compete against each other in the same contests as regularly and so a realistic representation is hard to achieve. Plus, does it really matter? :roll:


Personally it does not matter at all to me wether we are ranked in the top 100,200 or 1000. However once you have been measured you develop a morbid need to see how you are measuring up!! :lol:

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