4bars Extended Rankings


Extended Rankings

Brilliant! I'm in the 128th ranked band!!! Super! Now we know what we need to do to get into the top 100!!!

On a serious note though, it does give bands a target to aim for (eg the top 100, top 50) when they are 'on the up' and form theose falling daown the rankings gives something to fight for.

A VERY good idea methinks and my hat is yet again off to the 4bars rest team!!


I don't think you'll find it's the intention to publish purely lower section rankings. The current list of 150 may be extended in the future and, if so, would inevitably incorporate a high number of lower section bands. There are a few lower section bands included now including quite a number from the first section in the top 100.

There is a brief description of the workings on the 4barsrest site but the system has been extended somewhat since that was written.

Perhaps it's time someone asked for an updated version.