41 years young!

Big Twigge

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Happy Birthday Mr Baton that is wonky. Congratulations on your birthday, I hope you've enjoyed your day.

:D Happy belated Birthday Wonky but 41? naah, can't be that you're 5 months younger than me?

It was our wedding anniversary yesterday (my husband not Wonky, thought I'd better clear that up!) and I left my card in Singapore, sniff sniff!


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Happy birthday! You can pride yourself on being younger than my parents!

Spooky cos I am younger than my parents too.

Thanks a lot for everybodies best wishes. Sorry I missed everyone at Easingwold apart from Colin and Rach. Roger I will catch up with you on my next jaunt to Telford I hope.

As for French Horns I hoped they are banned before my 42nd birthday!! :D

Nice to hear from Singapore lass I thought she had emigrated!! :wink:

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