3v imperial Bb bass

I am selling my 3v imperial Bb bass. It dates to around 1934. It does have a few battle scars but everything works as it should. Valves are goid and don't leak, and all the slides move. I'm looking for £150 for it. I'm happy to send more photos or do a recording.

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Looks like an absolute bargain to me. A photograph of the other side and an explanation of the high to low (standard) pitch conversion would help some prospective buyers. I guess that it has a ‘small shank’ mouthpiece receiver.

The smaller three valve Basses (similar to yours) make great practice, carol-ing, small group and marching instruments; they’re also great for folk who like to occasionally double on a second instrument. I’ve a small three valve Eb Bass (Besson Regent) and absolutely love it, it’s considerably lighter and far easier to play than my bigger bell and bore Sovereign yet still produces the goods.

Good luck with the sale, it’ll be perfect for someone.
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