3rd Eviction Notice - 2nd July 2004

Following the nominations by housemates, Groovy, trombelle & WhatSharp? were put up for eviction by their fellow tMPers. BB can now reveal the name of the next two housemate to leave the tMP BOC Brother house:

with 39% of the vote, the fourth person to leave the BB house is:


Here are the reasons your fellow housemates gave for nominating you:

she didn't participate in the task (or if she did I didn't notice), and hasn't been online that much. Also she's distanced herself from the group.
i feel it is in fairness to the group as a whole as she didn't put in as much effort as the rest of us to the task.
Hasn't been on as much lately, and hasn't contributed well to recent tasks.
Trombelle. I believe she has not participated as much as the others this week and as far as i can remember did not contibute to the latest task in any way whatsoever.
did my nerves no good at all in that last thread!

BB can also reveal that the fifth person to leave the tMP BOC Brother house:

with 36% of the vote, is:


Here are the reasons your fellow housemates gave for nominating you:

For trying to place the blame on Bunny boy over the broken bed incident- in which he started the ruckuss with the semolina!
This one was very difficult and it came down to the fact that behind Trombelle Whatsharp? contributed the next least to this weeks task. I can think of nothing else to give as a reason as Whatsharp?'s contibution to the house as a whole has been excellent.

trombelle and WhatSharp?, thank you both for taking part in our competition - we hope you've had fun. Please feel free to post a parting message in the BBLB forum.




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OMG! So sorry to see you both go! :cry:
Two more valued mambers of the group gone!
I hate this nominating process! :cry:


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it was fun having fun with you guys.

see you on the outside!

well done for being great sports over the last few weeks!



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Wow. I'm still here. I'm the only girl!
Bye bye the two of you, you have both been great fun and will be missed. Where will we be without the plasters (and Minstrel :? )
Luv ya both 4eva x x x x x x x x x

2nd man down

Staff member
OMG!! We've had a bloke evicted!!! Whatever next!!

Sorry to see you go you too, we'll miss you.

Whatsharp?, did you remember to take the rat?

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