Am I the only person in the world to watch this!! nobody at work watches it, nobody at band watches it, I think it's brilliant!! especially this weeks episode.


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I watch it! Haven't seen this week's episode yet - so please no spoilers! ;)

Took me a while to get into this series - found it extremely slow to start with - wasn't sure whether this was down to the breaks for advertisments which we didn;t have for the first two series. Having said that - it's really picked up in the last few weeks.


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Watched the first 2 series. Brilliant television.

I also like the fact they showed the next episode on BBC3 straight after. Very useful if you knew you were gonna miss the next weeks episode.

3rd series switched to Sky 1 and the commercials really *beeped* me off. Watched the first episode then missed the next 3. I know they re-run episodes on Sky One Mix but that's only useful if you have Sky. I have Cable. Haven't bothered with any more but I will get the DVD when it comes out.

What episode are they on now anyway?


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I watched 1 & 2 and greatly enjoyed them, often catching the repeats as well to make sure I hadn't missed anything :oops:

Completely fail to understand the BBC declining to take the third series - apparently it was because the makers wanted a delay before it was shown, but surely it's better to see it a little later than not at all :twisted:

As it is, without SKY etc, I'll probably have to wait even longer, so don't go giving the plot away :wink:


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I really liked them, watched every episode of series one and two, but can't watch series three because i don't have cable/sky etc :evil:


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missed tha first series, totaly enthralled by the second series.
total annoyed by all the breaks in the 3rd series.
I'm waiting for the dvd so i can watch it all the way through

Okiedokie of Oz

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It's always on while I am at band, and getting anyone to learn to use the VCR around here is murder........the last episode I saw was the pilot to season 2


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Loved series 1 & 2, but watched them both on DVD across just a couple of weeks - much less annnoying than week long waits. Have been avoiding the ads on Sky 1!

Dave Euph

I have seen all series except so far the final episode of series 3. How?

My brother, using his broadband capabilities waits until the shows have been aired in the USA ... then within minutes they are on the internet and he downloads them.

problem is I'm not home all the time so I have to watch them in bulk ... not a bad thing!

Sure beats waiting after the yanks or having to buy Sky just to watch it ... :twisted:

six pints

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thanks to the joy of sharescan i have seen all of them, including last series. the end is absolutely amazing, i cried sooooo much. its an amazing programme, and chase is sooooooooo fit!

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