24-hour sponsored blowathon

The United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band is holding a 24-hour sponsored blowathon to help raise funds for its trip to Singapore and New Zealand to compete in the New Zealand Brass Band Championships in March 2005.

Band members will be gaining sponsorship and several of us will be 'going the distance' so to speak, but we would really love it if plenty of other banders could join us.

So, if you fancy joining us to have a blow, try a different instrument, try out one of your own compositions or arrangements or have a go at conducting then pleas come along.

The event starts at 7pm on Friday 23 July and continues for yes - 24-hours!!

It is taking place in the band's bandroom on King Street, Brighouse and we will be playing around the town on Saturday 24 July.

All we ask is that anyone that comes down donates £5 to band funds.

You will be made most welcome but please could you e-mail Tabby Clegg at: tabby.clegg@btopenworld.com to let her know you may be popping in.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible!
:( Sorry I can't make this I hope you do well and I'll see you in Singapore hopefully, we are the only brass band in South East Asia! :wink:

When are you coming over?????

We depart England for Singapore on 16 March 2005 and we have 3 concerts in Singapore. One at Singapore Zoo, one at the British High Commissioner's Private Residence Eden Hall and on Saturday 19 March we have a concert at NAFA organised by your MD, Richard Adams, so you will have to come along and tell all your friends about the concert too!

I was in Singapore in 2002 and it is a fantastic place and I'm looking forward to bringing the band out next year.

We have plenty of fundraising to do first though!!

Thanks for your message and hope to meet you in March

:) We played at Eden Hall in June for the Queens birthday, it's a fabulous house, I look forward to seeing you all and good luck with the fundraising! :wink: (If you want any tips on pubs my son works part time in a good Irish Bar)
Well I never thought it was possible to play for 24 hours solid but we did it!!

Thanks to everyone who popped in including Sue and Colin from YBS Community Brass and especially Dave, Liz, Jo and Catherine from Harrogate who arrived sometime close to midnight!

it was a great 24 hours, though it got a bit tough around 5am! Everyone did really well and I'm glad entertainment was provided by my own kazoo like cornet playing after 20-odd hours! (no change there then! maybe I should have added that to the cornet players with the best sound thread, I'm sure it would be worthy!).

Overall I think we will have got a couple of grand from the event, so it was well worthwhile. It was definitely worthwhile to hear our MD, John Roberts, playing cornet and hearing buglers holiday for 3 baritones as well as Bohemian Rhapsody and Disney Fantasy at 4.30am!

It's amazing what rubbish you find in your band library too!

Thanks again to everyone and we'll let you know when the next one is!!!! (yeah right!)

ps. If anyone is considering collagen implants in their lips or whatever it is Lesley Ash had, save your money and play baritone for 24-hours!! it works just as well and probably hurts as much!
:) Excellent glad you had a good time and well done for raisng all that money.

We had a 24hr sponsered sports-a-thon at the school to raise money for the band, but that was when I was about 15 so it was easier for me, couldn't do it now though!!! :roll:

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