2011 City of Sheffield Band Club - Dates now available

Dates are now available for the 2011 season of the Stocksbridge Band Club. Once again held at Niagara in City of Sheffield.

The season is extremely popular and we really encourage any bands who haven’t experienced it yet to get in touch, whatever standard.

We have a slightly shorter 11 dates on offer this year so please ask for your prefered date as soon as possible to avoid dissapointment. There's always a battle for the later dates so I'd advise to try to get in earlier in the year to have a higher chance of booking your place.

30/01/2011 to 17/05/2011 inclusive. Sunday nights - start 8pm.
The only date unavailable in this season is 06/03/11 (Yorkshire Area)

The prize giving Concert will be on 1st May 2011

To book your place, either e-mail me on brassintheed@aol.com, send a private message on here, or phone me on 07825610319. I'll try to keep up to date on here with the availability of remaining dates as things go along.


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I think you mean the series ends on 17/4!!/011 - otherwise the prizes would be before the final concert!
I think you mean the series ends on 17/4!!/011 - otherwise the prizes would be before the final concert!

hmmm I'm flipping useless me. Ta for spotting the mistake Garry. Yes you're right, last normal band concert is 17th April, not May!

Mods: Any chance of updating the original thread for me please?... :)


...And it's City Of Sheffield Band Club - Not Stockbridge Band Club !!! You got it right in the title... But apart from that it's spot on !! ;)
haha yes I already spotted that one - damn cut and paste - I messaged the mods straight away to get it changed, but my plea has fallen on stony ground :-(


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date for concert at City of Sheffield Band Club


I am replying on behalf of Oughtibridge Brass Band. The band are very keen to play this year at the Band Club and would like a date towards the end of the series, preferably the 17th April, the last normal band concert. The band have not had an opportunity to play in the series for some time so would very much appreciate the chance this year.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Margaret Morlan
Event Organiser

I have also sent you an e-mail to this effect. Can you confirm to margaret@oughtibridgehall.demon.co.uk please.
Thanks Margaret. I've got a pretty full inbox of enquiries regarding the band club which I'll be replying to individually.
Nice to see so many bands enjoying being part of the band club.
If anyone still wants a date, I'd advise you get your request in very soon, because at this rate, things will be booked up pretty quickly.


Week before area


I know most bands try to avoid the week before the area, would it be an idea to have a run-out concert featuring a few local bands each performing their test peice. It'd help to build the confidence of the bands before Bradford (and therefore could improve their chances). No adjudicators (other than the 50 in the audience), but a chance to run through the test piece. You could try and have at least one band from each section (e.g Oughtibridge/Deepcar/Dronfield, Chapeltown, Strata/BBSBB/SYP, CoS/Stannington and Old Silkstone) or just limit it to the 4 bands in north-west Sheffield.

Just a thought, I know it'd not be ideal from an audience point of view, although it might raise awareness amongst non-banding audience members of the contest and build support for local bands.


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Tim, Worsbrough and Barnsley Building Society did something similar at Pilley Working Mens Welfare before the area last year.

They each played a warm up and had John Roberts as an unofficial adjudicator. The evening was well attended and with just two bands and two different test pieces filled the night. John gave the bands comments on the night and got them to try out some different ideas on the test piece.

Perhaps it might be something for a few local bands to consider arranging themselves?

Oh and went very well for Worsbrough - came 1st and went to Nationals and got promoted to 3rd section
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Hi Tim, cracking idea, and potentially great for the bands involved. Although strangely the sunday before the area is usually one of the first to get booked up.

Obviously the band club is about promoting brass band music and giving the local community a great source of brass concerts. So as you said I'm unsure how this would be received by the regular band club audience, but we could definitely try to gather opinion on this during the coming season.