2005 World Brass Band Championships

The National Band Council of Australia is inviting applications for 'Australian Brass' - Australia's National Band, to compete in the 2005 worlds. I haven't seen any adverts or news of this contest on the net or in any mags yet - do any of you europeans know what the deal with this is... I haven't heard anything and just the contest's title alone sounds very interesting.

Big Fella

Is this the contest taking place around easter time ???

A good friend of mine's band are looking into coming down under, for a contest and all I know is that it,s next easter..
Both the Australian Nationals and the New Zealand Nationals are being held at easter next year. However these 'World Brass Band Championships' are said to be in Holland.

Out of interest - What band would you happen to be reffering to Big Fella?? (You might want to tell them to consider slipping over to New Zealand instead - word is that tons of Aussie bands are looking at making the trip over the tasman rather than attending the Australian Nationals, which needless to say would leave competetive entries looking rather thin!!!)

Okiedokie of Oz

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DAMN! I don't have my trusty copy of ABW sitting beside me, however, I am sure the address was a Victorian one.

As I just said in a PM I got, all I know about the nations is what was in the ABW in March--held in Holland, 2005. Expressions of interest are being called for a band to Represent Australia @ the Wold champs.

As for NZ and Oz Nats, they all clash with the Qld states don't forget (which if memory serves, are in Townsville, yes????????). While my band is nowhere near a national level, I'd love to go to NZ even if it was just for a listen.
Nah we gave the state contest up a few months ago - Somethign to do with the survey about attendace and all that jazz. States have been shifted to being in conjunction with best of brass in Maryborough again over the Queens Birthday weekend. So I'm free to cruise on over to NZ - and with the Virgin/Qantas/Air NZ price war raging hot right now i guess we'd all be crazy not to!!!!!


Oh yeah, is that the thing in Kerkrade???

I wouldn't bank on it being all that prestigious tho, I'm sure school bands have won it!!


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nah i didnt think it was very prestigeous at all :(
not many uk bands go at all.. i was there when we won the school section with smithills. I remember desford and point of ayr being there. Think treize etoiles were there, didnt know the rest :!:

Okiedokie of Oz

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About that attendance survey.....I never heard about it.....never mind.

Yes the way airfares have been lately, it would be a nice vacation. Not too hot, not too cold, great entertainment and maybe some great deals with money conversions and o/s prices and so forth.

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