200 posts!!


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i think i just went past 200....

wait... i think i counted those zeros wrong... aaarrrgghhh I'm addicted... :cry:

Okiedokie of Oz

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When I first joined, I made an impressive start, but now I think I've voiced my opinion on most things at least twice.......


I've not been drunk recently as thats when I make my ramblings--often have to edit them the next day :?

2nd man down

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I've got over 680 since i joined in March...I think I need help cos when I stop (Ha! like that's ever gonna happen!!) the cold turkey will be so bad it'll shake my teeth out. :(

Oops!!! and I'm the only person who joined this year in the top 40 posters!!! I'm gonna need therapy or sumptin, look at my eye twitchin!!


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I wouldn't worry about it, I find if you just spend all your time off tmp drinking it lessens the effect!

Liz Courts

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I'm now a tMP Friend, not bad considering it took me two whole months to make my first post!! :shock:

I'll have got to 200 posts within the month... :D :D :D

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