Sold/Expired 2 Tubas (EEb) lying in wait


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Can anyone help?

I'm no-longer playing regularly and I have 2 EEb bass tubas sat in my spare room doing nothing - great shame, shouldn't happen.

What's the likely 2nd-hand value:

(1) Sovereign 981 (concert model) EEb. Just a few years old. Immaculate condition - one slight dent in the usual place - lower elbow. Played once or twice a year since new. Almost brand new, so to speak.

(2) Yamaha EEb. Professional jobby not the student - 3 pistons in a row with 4th down stairs. About 12 years old. Bell was badly damaged and repaired but plays an absolute dream. Free'r blowing that the Sov. Model may have been predecessor to Maestro???

Please no offers. Of course, I have ball park idea of what they're worth. Certainly may let one of them go, probably the Sov.



I was looking for a 2nd hand EEb Sovereign abot a year ago and the average asking price was £2500. I paid abot £2300 for mine in the end.
I paid £2100 for a secondhand 981 about a year and a half ago.
It was pretty well immaculate even though it was 12 years old.

Can you tell us a bit more about your 981 please.
If it is in lacquer with a 'straight' lead pipe, I might know someone who would be interested.



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More details on Sov

You asked for it.

Model No = BE981-1-0

Concert model = therefore no carry rings, mouthpipe lower down the bell (may be this is what you mean by straight?) than the brass band model, no protruding pimple on the lower elbow (terrible things I always thought) and lacquer. Valued by Normans in 2001 @ £2.7k but wouldn't be looking for that amount anyway. Mostly lives in its hard case. Rarely sees the light of day. Was played by me at the Midland Area qualifier this year - but was immediately put to bed for being a bad boy afterwards. Not been out since - great shame but golf course too alluring. As I say, literally only played once or twice a year since new - a very rare animal indeed. May be I should contact the Rare Breeds Society?

Carl, seriously, the mouthpipe is like your picky not Tubatu's above, ie. straight but strangely curved. At the time I bought it from B&H they weren't doing the concert model but I twisted their arm and they knocked one out for me as a special.

Does this answer your question?
Certainly does, thank you.
Sounds like it's a brother (or sister?) of mine.
Guess I've got into the habit of referring to them as 'straight leadpipes' but appreciate the slight curve in it.
Have replied to your PM and hope to get a buyer for you.
I managed to sell the one that Phil Green (Fodens) was advertising on tMP at Easter and hope to find a home (probably the same one!) for yours too!

I'm beginning to wonder if a should have cornered the market in this type of 981!

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