1st/2nd Horn Player seeking band (Colchester/Ipswich area)

Rebel Tuba

Hello, my name is Lorren and I am relocating to the Colchester area on 1st June.

I am currently playing 1st Horn for the West Yorkshire Police Band (graded 3rd section in Yorkshire region) and previously played at 2nd section Soundhouse Brass in Plymouth and 1st section City Of Bristol.

I will, eventually, be located in the Colchester area but initially I will be in the Ipswich area (after a short stay in Braintree for the first few weeks). So really any band that's do-able in a half hour (or so) radius of Colchester will be ideal.....

If your band is looking for a horn player I would be eager to hear from you, please. I have my own instrument.

Kindest, Lorren