Sold/Expired 1988 - Such a Horrible Year

James McFadyen

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Two new pieces due for publication on October 10th...........The pieces mark the year of 1988, the year of two of the most tragic events in history.

In Memoriam Piper Alpha - In memory of the Piper Alpha Disaster on 6th July 1988 in the North Sea. This tragic disaster changed and revolutionised the oil industry as we know it today. The Piper Alpha was the worst offshore oil accident in history. £30.00

Lockerbie: A Remembrance - In memory of the tragic Aviation accident. In the evening of December 21st 1988, flight Pan Am 103 exploded and pieces of the plane fell onto the Scottish town of Lockerbie, killing 259 people on the plane and 11 people on the ground. £30.00

I will be continuing to release these remembrance pieces to promote World Peace. Why not go this site,

You may pre-order the music for £20.00 each if you pay on or before October 1st.

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