1960s Conn Director Baritone (3rd valve piston needed)


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Last week, I ordered a Conn Director baritone off eBay, for the grand total of $53. The low price was due to the fact that it was missing the case, the mouthpiece, and the 3rd valve piston!

I did a mostly fruitless search for "replacement 3rd piston for Conn baritone" and got nowhere. Therefore, I am asking if anyone happens to have a nonworking Conn Baritone with a 3rd piston that they could spare from it, please let me know.
The model and serial numbers on my baritone, are 141 and H57649.
I took my baritone to a local music store today, and they told me that the piston would either have to be a custom ordered part, that Conn only carries the 2nd valve piston but not the 3rd, and that someone "out there" might have a baritone with the correct piston to complete my instrument.
Here are some photos of the baritone I purchased:

s-l1600 (1).jpg
s-l1600 (2).jpg
s-l1600 (3).jpg
s-l1600 (4).jpg
s-l1600 (5).jpg
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I should mention that my location is in Whitewater, KS.
I'd be somewhat chagrined to find a potential 3rd piston donor and find out that they live more than 600 miles from me.
Though I'm not too concerned about distance, generally the closer the replacement piston would be in relation to my location, the better. I've toyed with the idea of just up and building a piston from scratch, but that probably wouldn't work too well.

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Personally I’m all in favour of keeping old instruments going until it is clearly impractical to do so, so good luck with getting a replacement valve. On some instruments the 1st and 3rd valve are effectively the same, have a look at the valve ports (pipes out of their casings) and see if they are in the same positions. If that is the case then either a 1st or 3rd valve might do, but a second hand 3rd valve is likely to be less worn than a second hand 1st valve.

Repair shops vary a lot but you might find one that keeps some scrap instruments to salvage spare parts from them. If in that situation myself I’d be inclined to start ringing around. The USA is very large and Conn were built there, I recon that you’ve got a very good chance but it will likely be a mail order spare - confirmatory photos and dimensions would be nice before doing the deal. I’d have thought that a lot of Conn Directors were used in schools and sometimes repair shops have education authority contracts - they’d be just the place to hold back a couple of scrap instruments for spare parts and they might just know what alternative parts fit too.
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